Turn PSD2 into business opportunities

Open banking empowered by the PSD2 Directive creates new business opportunities not only for fintechs. The financial services market now welcomes all companies that have an idea on creating added value based on banking data and are brave enough to pursue it.

How to make your innovation happen?

First, you need an idea. Want to build an app that aggregates all customers’ accounts in one place? Or to create a new payment method that does not require authorization with each transaction? These and many more are now possible thanks to PSD2. When the idea is ready, you just need to become a Third Party Provider (TPP) and ask European banks to make their data available to you. Here is where it gets a bit more complex.

What challenges will you face?

A TPP status itself is not enough to disrupt the financial market. You will need to overcome numerous technical challenges related to multiplicity and variability of standards used by banks. You don’t have much time either. The race begins on 14th September, when the banks will share their APIs. Read more on challenges here:

Be quick

with your PSD2-based innovations

Fintin was created for those TPPs, who want to introduce their PSD2-driven innovations quickly to the market. As each bank implements PSD2 Directive in a slightly different way, integrating with multiple standards will cause TPPs a headache. Fintin is a comprehensive PSD2 standards’ adapter, a remedy to multiple integration problems. No matter which bank throughout the whole European Union you would like to integrate with – Fintin will do the work for you.

The benefits

Fully PSD2
Fintin is a secure and market-ready solution fully compatible with PSD2 EU directive
Multiple standards that banks are using to share their APIs have been unified for you by Fintin.
Your competitive
Fintin gives you the upper hand to achieve competitive advantage quicker and win over the competition.

Fintin use case example

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