All-in-one open banking app

greater control

Fintin – an innovative key to open banking

Fintin is a next step for digital and innovative open banking. An out-of-the-box, fully compliant PSD2 market-ready solution that provides the end-customers greater control over their financial products.

joined-up view

All bank accounts in one secure place

Fintin gives your clients a joined-up view of their financial life. Users can add their loans, mortgages and savings, so they can see their finances all in one secure place.

one-stop shop

Deals and offers linked to bank accounts

Best checking and savings account offers and promotions offered in one place. No need to log into multiple websites or apps to check and compare them all.

just few clicks

Convenient payments

With Fintin users can repay loans, send money to friends or family members, or even pay any bills. Securely in just few clicks.

full-view history

Transaction history made easy

Summary information gives your clients a clear history of their transactions in an easy way. They can adjust the time period, select one or multiple accounts to keep track of their financial history.