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Choose a ready-to-use solution

Fintin Modules are a set of flexible financing tools - both for sales and after-sales.
Your financing services will always be there when your customer needs them.

Each module contains ready-to-use, predefined processes, and integrations compatible with business domains. Thanks to microservices architecture, flexible and intuitive API is available, which you can easily use to adapt modules to your requirements.

Choose all modules to create a comprehensive platform or just use the ones you need the most.

Modules Fintin

Virtual Dealer

Present your sales offers along with financing services and additional services! Let the customer compare offers, choose promotions and deals, and complete the process online.

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Active Plugin

It's time for Embedded Finance! Using our plug-in you can offer your financing services on any website or application.
It's a simple solution to increase your sales through a partner network.

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If you need multiple financing offers in one place, the API Hub will allow you to make them available with different parameters to your customers or partners.

Digital assistant

It offers your customers and partners an intelligent, conversational interface based on natural language processing. It will suggest options and explain the process ensuring a perfect experience.

Task Manager

It enables error-free service for your customers - applications, damage reporting, or visit management - you define processes, Fintin ensures that they are carried out effectively.

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Intelligent Documents

This module will make working with documents easier for you and your customers. It will automatically recognize, classify and process elements from the offer, application, or invoice. It understands data, so it will allow you to effectively automate your processes

Open Banking

If you are a bank or a TPP, you can use the Fintin aggregator and easily take advantage of the data provided by banks as a part of open banking (PSD2).

Product customizer

Build your own financial product offers using the product customizer by flexibly implementing your own parameters, algorithms and calculations.

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Product customizer

We give you an agile, secure, standards-compliant solution - use it in an on-prem, hybrid, or cloud model not because you have to but because it meets all your expectations.

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